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Jumping Jack Challenge

Did you know that jumping jacks are good for building bone strength and density when you’re younger (to achieve Peak Bone Mass) and to maintain bone strength as you age? Take the Jumping Jack Challenge (check with your doctor first if you suffer from osteoporosis) and help us raise awareness about bone health and raise dollars to support research! It’s easy:

    1. Film yourself, your children, family, friends (or all of them) doing 10 jumping jacks in less than 10 seconds
    2. Post the video to your favorite social media – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube
    3. Challenge your friends (by tagging them or sending them a link to your video) to take the Jumping Jack Challenge too!
    4. If they accept the challenge, they repeat steps 1-3 above). If they don’t accept, they have to make a donation to NOF at
    5. Please use the hashtag #JumpingJackChallenge and tag @NationalOsteoporosisFoundation in your posts to help spread the word!


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