The Interdisciplinary Symposium on Osteoporosis (ISO) takes place each May. The ISO is the nation’s leading clinical conference on osteoporosis and bone health and attracts hundreds of healthcare providers from across the country. Although healthcare professionals are the primary audience for the ISO, some of the sessions held at this year’s symposium are very relevant for osteoporosis patients, caregivers and anyone interested in learning more about bone health. We are pleased to share two of the plenaries held at ISO18. We hope you will find these sessions informative.
If you are a healthcare provider and are interested in the full course curriculum provided and the opportunity to earn Continuing Medical Education credits (CME), please visit our online Professional Learning Center at


How to Put Out Fires: Understanding and Dispelling the Myths Held by our Patients, Panel Discussion

Does Estrogen Still Have a Role to Play in Osteoporosis Management?

Following are some additional resources and research that may be of interest to you about osteoporosis:

Research on Parathyroid and Osteoporosis
Research on Osteoporosis in Men
Information about Clinical Trials

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