May is National Osteoporosis Month! We hope you will join us in celebrating bone health. We have created free downloadable resources including a flyer and an interactive tool, 31 Ways to Stay Bone Strong during the entire month of May. Each box links to a fact, resource or action vetted by the leading authority on bone health, National Osteoporosis Foundation, to empower you to protect your ability to live your best life.

Osteoporosis is common. One in two women and up to one in four men over the age of fifty will break a bone due to osteoporosis. The disease, which is not a normal part of aging, is serious causing broken bones, pain, suffering and life-altering loss of mobility—yet it is treatable and even preventable.

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Download and share our flyer to help raise awareness about the importance of bone health


Download, explore and share 31 Ways to Stay Bone Strong during the entire month of May

Learn what Calcium is and what it does.

Learn about the role Vitamin D plays in bone health.

Learn About the Risk of Fracture Versus the Risk of Rare Side Effects from Treatment.

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Download our Safe Movement Brochure on preventing fragility fractures. It contains helpful information on anti-fracture medicine, safe movement, and fall prevention.

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Free On-Demand Webinar: Answers to Most Frequently Asked Nutrition Questions. We hear frequently from patients and healthcare professionals with questions about nutrition and what the latest evidence means. Learn the latest scientific evidence regarding nutrients important to bone health and get answers to some of the most frequent questions NOF receives about nutrition and bone health.

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