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The National Osteoporosis Foundation is Joining Organizations Across the Globe to Raise Awareness and Provide Resources Promoting Bone Health

With 10 million Americans suffering from osteoporosis and another 44 million with low bone mass, it is estimated that one in two women and up to one in four men over age 50 will break a bone due to osteoporosis in their lifetime. To help raise awareness for osteoporosis and bone health, the National Osteoporosis Foundation (NOF), the nation’s leading healthcare organization dedicated to bone health, is joining patient organizations around the world to celebrate World Osteoporosis Day on October 20, 2017.

For World Osteoporosis Day, NOF is calling on the public to take the Jumping Jack Challenge and take action to learn more about building and maintaining bone strength and density. Take the challenge by filming yourself, your family or your friends doing 10 jumping jacks in less than 10 seconds. Then post the video on your favorite social media platforms and tag your friends and family, encouraging them to take the challenge too. Please tag NOF in your post with @nationalosteoporosisfoundation to help spread the word.

“We know that osteoporosis is responsible for two million broken bones every year in the U.S., but most people don’t start paying attention to their bone health until after they’ve broken a bone,” said Amy Porter, executive director and CEO of NOF. “This World Osteoporosis Day, we are pleased to offer the Jumping Jack Challenge as well as important resources on the prevention, management and treatment of osteoporosis, to help people of all ages understand how important good bone health really is.”

While the incidence of osteoporosis is greater than that of heart attack, stroke and breast cancer for women and greater than prostate cancer for men, it can be prevented and treated. Regular exercise and good nutrition, including getting the recommended daily amounts of calcium and vitamin D, are essential for building and maintaining bone strength throughout the lifespan.  And, current osteoporosis treatments have been proven to reduce fractures by 30 to 50 percent.

NOF’s World Osteoporosis Day web page offers important information and resources on the following topics: questions to ask your healthcare provider about osteoporosis, preventing falls and fractures, exercising for optimal bone health, the essential nutrients for a bone healthy diet, and a Fast Facts infographic you can share to spread the word via social media.

Be sure to visit NOF.org for these resources and more.



About the National Osteoporosis Foundation
Established in 1984, the National Osteoporosis Foundation is the nation’s leading health organization dedicated to preventing osteoporosis and broken bones, promoting strong bones for life and reducing human suffering through programs of awareness, education, advocacy and research. For more information on the National Osteoporosis Foundation, visit www.nof.org.

About World Osteoporosis Day
The World Osteoporosis Day 2017 campaign calls on people of all ages to ‘Love Your Bones: Protect Your Future!’. Through early prevention, diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis, millions of men and women all over the world can reduce their risk of painful, debilitating and life-threatening fractures. We invite the public, healthcare professionals and organizations worldwide to join IOF and its 240 member societies in raising awareness of bone health and calling for action on osteoporosis and fracture prevention in their communities. Learn more at http://worldosteoporosisday.org/.