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During Hispanic Heritage Month, the National Osteoporosis Foundation joins the national celebration of the culture, achievements and contributions of Hispanics/Latinos in the United States.

We spoke with the CEO of NOF, Claire Gill:


Q: Why did the National Osteoporosis Foundation decided to create a website for the Latino audience in Spanish?

A: As the leading health organization dedicated to preventing osteoporosis and fractures and promoting bone health, we believe that our awareness, education and research programs can’t exclude the largest minority in our country. We are also very aware that Latino women and men at the highest risk for osteoporosis may prefer to receive their health information in Spanish. We try to provide clear and culturally competent information and resources that can help prevent fractures.

Q: During the COVID 19 pandemic, many older people are at risk for both the virus and fractures. How is NOF advising everyone at risk, including older people, to maintain their bone health during this pandemic?

 A: Exercise is an essential part of prevention for osteoporosis. We believe that all of us need to rethink ways to stay active and be safe while remaining within social distancing guidelines. Walking is an easy and safe exercise that can help our bone health and improve our mood too. For Latino women at risk for osteoporosis, we have a guide on our website in Spanish about safe exercises that are within the parameters of social distancing.

Q: This month is Hispanic Heritage Month and it’s happening in very trying times for our nation, especially for minorities, what is the message of the National Osteoporosis Foundation for the Latino community?

A:  NOF is pleased to celebrate the culture, achievements and contributions of Hispanics/Latinos in the United States while also raising awareness about the health disparities impacting their community.

Since health disparities continue to affect the health of this community we believe that it is our responsibility to provide the best information possible, including downloadable materials and resources, that can help in bridging that gap, specifically to help them avoid a fracture and by promoting good bone health.

The National Osteoporosis Foundation through Huesosanos.org is helping in reducing health disparities by promoting better bone health for Hispanics/Latinos.