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The National Osteoporosis Foundation’s Online Community, hosted by Inspire, now connects more than 50,000 members. NOF’s online community is a safe place where patients and caregivers affected by osteoporosis can come together to share helpful advice and support one another. The community has grown rapidly since launching in October 2007, underscoring the great need to educate and support those impacted by this debilitating disease.

In the U.S., more than 54 million people either already have osteoporosis or are at high risk for the disease due to low bone density. NOF works to ensure that everyone affected by osteoporosis has a place to turn for support, and its online support community offers a secure venue where those just finding out they have osteoporosis or are already living with disease can meet others virtually, ask questions and share information with their peers.

To commemorate the 50,000+ members connecting via the online community and to reinforce how healthy lifestyle choices can improve bone health, NOF will be hosting a giveaway of its new Healthy Bones, Build Them for Life® Cookbook. Details about the giveaway can be found on the community (registration is free): NOF.Inspire.com.

“Whether you’re personally affected by osteoporosis or just interested in learning more about bone health, our Inspire community is a powerful resource allowing you to benefit from the knowledge and experience shared by others,” said Claire Gill, interim executive director and CEO, NOF. “We see the community surpassing 50,000 members as a positive sign that more people are taking an interest in their bone health. Additionally, we are thankful for our longstanding partnership with Inspire and our team of volunteer moderators for making this community possible.”

“The National Osteoporosis Foundation is the most respected and trusted osteoporosis organization in the U.S.,” said Inspire CEO Brian Loew. “NOF has been a wonderful partner in growing the online community and the 50,000-member milestone is a testament to the organization’s unwavering focus on providing support for those affected by osteoporosis and looking to improve their bone health.”

NOF’s community is free to join and participation is open to people with osteoporosis, as well as caregivers, family members, health professionals and anyone concerned about their bone health. Visit NOF.Inspire.com to learn more and join.

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