Thank you for your interest in starting an NOF Support Group. Please provide the requested information below to complete the application process.

Please note: When naming your support group, it is helpful to identify the specific area (town, neighborhood or suburb) from which you will attract members. To register your support group with NOF, you will need to provide an email address that you are comfortable using and sharing. Should you wish to establish a new email for this purpose, we suggest using gmail and formatting your address similar to the following – or  (Example: NOFNewOrleansHealthy To establish a gmail account, please go to and follow the prompts.

The name of your support group and your email address will be posted on the NOF website and on the NOF Online Support Community hosted by Inspire. The online community has more than 20,000 members, many of whom would like to attend face-to-face meetings in their communities. We encourage you to join Inspire and to urge your members to do the same.

As a support group leader, you will be asked to post your meeting dates, times, location and meeting topics to Inspire to encourage greater attendance.  Information on how to post to the Inspire site will be provided as part of your welcome package and will be reviewed regularly on the Support Group Leaders’ Quarterly Conference Calls.

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